Please meet Enzo (Furrari), Erni (Ernesto Meowserati) and Miles Davis, who live with humans, Christopher (T1 and Tidepool Community Manager) and Dayle.  I’ve been following these 3 on Instagram … and they always bring a smile. Enzo and Erni were rescued about 7 years ago – both are very beautiful cats who are intensely photogenic.  And then, Miles Davis (the dog, not the jazz man!) joined the fur tribe about 1-1/2 years ago … oh my, precious!  Enjoy!!!



             Enzo                             Erni






THANK YOU, Christopher, for sharing your beautiful family!!! It was SO hard to select only a few photos!!!  If you want more, you can find Christopher on Instagram @iam_spartacus

It’s REAL easy … just send me your best pix of your furry family … and a line or two about him/her/them.  This is one of the very best ways to cope with Type 1 diabetes … love and wagging/purring fluff!

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