As we are in the midst of the holidays, I’m a little bit short of stories of T1Ds and their glorious, comforting, joyful and loving pets.  And even if you don’t have a pet at this time, you can always feel the bliss of seeing precious animals doing precious things. 

This set of photos come from Jack Shepherd for in an essay called 21 Photos of Animals Completely Failing to Be Majestic, posted on 3 December 2020.  Jack is formerly editorial director @BuzzFeed … and currently editor @Tenderly and writer at large. Email:

IF YOU HAVE T1D and live with one or many pets, PLEASE share with us!!! 

By the way, the pups in the feature image, from l. to r.: Hey Buddy, Poppy, Sadie, Bon Bon

A sweet looking dog with a goofy expression, tongue out, poses in front of a “guard dog on duty” sign
This year’s winning photo, by Elke Vogelsang. All photos via Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020

1. Three horse colleagues gossiping during a break.


A group of horses have their heads together and one has its mouth wide open, looking like he is busting into laughter

Photo: Magdalena Strakova

2. A cat who has suddenly noticed that the world is the wrong way up.


A kitten looks directly at the camera, upside down, while clinging with one paw to a board she’s hanging off of

Photo: Malgorzata Russell

3. A rabbit who is shocked … SHOCKED! … at your impertinence.


A grey rabbit stretches into a big yawn, baring his little white teeth with eyes closed and claws out

Photo: Anne Lindner

4. A dog who will stop at absolutely nothing to say hello.


A border collie dog sticks her head out of a hole in a large red brick wall, smiling towards the camera lens

Photo: Antonio Peregrino

5. A couple of out-of-towners taking in the foliage.


Two dogs are sitting in a white convertible, one in the drivers seat at the wheel and the other chilling in the back

Photo: Karen Hoglund

6. Two buddies dramatically failing to play it cool.


Two dogs in the middle of a street sit next to each other, and one has his paw placed on the others head, pushing down

Photo: Kerstin Ordelt

7. The world’s daintiest miracle-worker.


A dog running in a creek appears to be floating over the water, with an incredibly goofy expression on his face

Photo: John Carelli

8. An aspiring Flamenco cat.


A cat is leaping in the air, paws extended towards a large red feather boa type toy, as if dancing

Photo: Iain McConnell

9. A dog who is pretending to be surprised …


A dog with an exaggerated expression of surprise and delight

Photo: Elke Vogelsang

10. A dog who is actually surprised …


Two dogs pictured in black and white, one looking surprised while the other appears as an optical illusion to be headless

Photo: Dimpy Bhalotia

11. … and a dog who is entirely unamused.


A camera placed inside a bucket of treats shows a golden retriever with stuffed cheeks and an eager expression gazing inside

Photo: Candice Sedighan

12. A cat who is so cool and casual that she’s forgotten she’s not bipedal.


A cat playing appears to be walking gracefully on two legs on a staircase

Photo: Iain McConnell

13. A dog who can guard anything except his dignity.


A sweet looking dog with a goofy expression, tongue out, poses in front of a “guard dog on duty” sign

Photo: Elke Vogelsang

14. A cat yelling, ‘KHAAAAANNNNN!’


A small cat is standing erect, face tilted towards the sky, seemingly cursing or praising god, depending on your perspective.

Photo: Iain McConnell

15. A dog posing for his driver’s license photo.


A dog caught mid-run and mid-drool appears to have had a photo snapped at the EXACT wrong moent

Photo: Annett Mirsberger

16. Two hopelessly melodramatic old-timers.


An older black dog and a white horse appear chilling out together, in black and white, the horse baring teeth in a big yawn

Photo: Mehmet Aslan

17. A dog with a fancy new hat.


A dog appears posed in the street, shot from below and appearing to be wearing a capital building as a crown

Photo: Alex Class

18. A cat who promised you she had quit smoking.


A cat with a stick-type treat hanging out of his mouth like a cigar looks caught in a moment of surprise

Photo: Iain McConnell

19. A dog in the middle of a genuinely surprising adventure.


A happy dog appears to be bathing in some kind of farm trough, and a group of black and white cows approach from behind

Photo: Emma Newton

20. This admiring group of superfans.


A group of cats (five in total) are grouped together inside, looking down a large second floor window at a duck on the patio

Photo: Beth Noble

21. And the mysterious lady in the window.


A dog looking underneath a window curtain with his nose and mouth showing but eyes veiled like a bride

Photo: Ilana Rose
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