Please meet Astro and Jett, who live with and constantly amuse their humans, Karen (T1) and her husband Andrew (major T1 supporter!).  Oh my, does this get any cuter????  Got to love the names, right?!

Karen says, “Relaxation is sooooo crucial for us T1D’s!”  Looks like Astro and Jett do relaxation to the max!


     Boys hugging – just learned that my A1C was 5.5!   That deserves a hug!!

(Karen’s fav photo, of course!) “This one I still look at 7 years later because it makes me smile big time!!    And again, it’s always great to have something to smile about.”

Jett on the bike!   Just me working out.   Everyone should be exercising to some extent – especially T1D’s!

Astro is a pro at stretching out for a snooze on her back!



Astro sleeping across my legs as I pretend to study. This is how I study. He either helps me concentrate or is a rather comforting and cute distraction.  





PLEASE SHARE YOUR AMAZING PETS, right here!  Just send me some pix and a few lines about your dog(s), cat(s), bird(s) or other non-human companions who help you cope with T1 diabetes! I only use first names … and your favorites with be in the SPOTLIGHT!!!  Send email to  Feel free to pass this request along to you T1 friends and folks in T1d groups that you frequent!



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