Say hello (or is that WOOF WOOF!?) to Lexi and Axl (gotta love the names!!!).  The precious Golden Doodles live with Amanda (the one with T1D), her husband and son, plus 2 kittens names Tom Petty and Skeeter.

Lexi is my 6 year-old who became part of the family a few years after I was diagnosed with Type 1. She is my adventure partner and always up for a run, hike, swim or boat ride.

Axl, my boy, has the same parents as Lexi but a different litter. He is my laid back, snuggle on the couch, always wants his nose and head scratched dog. He is my well-behaved child with a weakness for sneaking food off even the highest table. He is lost without his sissy and will whine until she returns from her adventure.

As you can see I have way more photos of my Lexi girl. She has been along my side for countless miles training for races, enjoyed many sunrises, trails galore and camping at the river or lake is her favorite doggie vacation. We are the only two girls in a family of 7 so we have to stick together. One of our favorite things to do is have girls weekend! Just she and I go camping or get a Airbnb to hang out a few days getting away from the hustle and bustle of life. She’s my partner in crime and mighty protector.

Walking two dogs is way more challenging than expected. One goes for the squirrel on the left the other goes for the human on the right! At least I got an upper body workout












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