Goats Can Understand Human Expressions And Are Drawn To Smiling Faces, according to an article by Caitlyn Clancey for Social.Diply.com, 18 September 2019. 

A new study out of Queen Mary, University of London, has found that goats are able to read human expressions, and unsurprisingly, they prefer the positive ones. The purpose of the study, which was published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, was to determine whether animals domesticated for production, such as goats, are as sensitive to human emotional expressions as those domesticated for companionship, like dogs.

A previous study from 2017 sought to prove that our favorite pups identify facial expressions.Conducted by the University of Helsinki, this particular research project found that dogs are actually attracted to smiling faces, particularly those belong to their owners. 

As part of the goat study, researchers presented a group of goats with two photos ⁠— one with a happy face and the other with an angry one. The goats were left to wander as their little hearts desired, and all of them chose to approach the happier face to give it a closer look. In fact, not a single goat wanted anything to do with the negative picture.


Your TAKEAWAY:  SMILE!  It makes people, dogs and goats happy!

Who knew? There is a Facebook group: Goat Life!






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