Say hello to Kitty (T1D for 51 years, self-proclaimed “hippie”) and her “cowboy” husband, Frank (also a water rights engineer and an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma), who share their home and love with Molly.  They live in semi-rural New Mexico and Kitty, a reitred lawyer who worked in Federal Indian law, defending tribal water, land and sovereignty, now does volunteer tutoring for kindergarteners.  I just love the kindness and humanity from this family!

We got Molly as a tiny pup from a local animal rescue … a boxer/ridgeback mix. When she was first adopted, we also had Moose, a much larger but very cuddly dog. Moose is no longer with us … and Molly is now 13 years old with a white muzzle but in great physical shape and loves our long hikes along the Rio Grande.

Molly is aware when I get a low blood sugar and will come and look at me anxiously. She is the smartest dog I ever had. Learned the principle of the lever from the back door handle, noticed when I used it on other handles, like the toaster and toilet.

Kitty commented to me, “How fun to get to just natter on about myself!  Thanks for giving me the opportunity. I’ve dealt with a whole bunch of T1D complications (two kidney transplants, serious heart disease, neuropathy, retinopathy, and, hardest of all, a child born with a birth defect (my son Zach is 43 and fine now, married with two children, but still has physical problems to cope with).  Thankfully, all of my complications are currently stable.”  Just so inspiring, Kitty!  Thank you for sharing your heart and family!

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