Definitely Tune In!!!

That’s right!  I’ll be on with Bonnie again tomorrow, 2:00pm – 3:00pm, Thursday, 10/12/2017 as her T1 Co Host, after Sandy Spector, producer and character actor in Pizza Pasta & Paisans, chats with Bonnie on the first half of the show. 

The Bonnie Sher Show is a great program created to mix show business and life with T1 diabetes. Bonnie’s also a long time T1 so she understands all that we live with.

Listen online at or on Facebook (

2:00pm – 3:00pm PST, THURSDAY, 10/12/2017

Interact LIVE with questions and comments by telephone: 323‐843‐2826 and on Twitter, @1bonniesher or #BSherRadio.

I’ll be talking about … what else … living with diabetes, advocates and my current project, raising money for research to find the CURE for DIABETES. 


This will be my 22nd year with my “team”, The Shooting Stars.  This year, all the $$ we raise will go directly to Dr. Jonathan Lakey’s (founder of the Edmonton Protocol in 2000) University of California Irvine Clinical Program.  He also has a protocol that cures diabetes in dogs and cats.  He is amazing and I am so honored to help fund his research efforts.




To support our fundraising efforts in which 100% of donations made to Shooting Stars will go directly to support Dr. Lakey’s research, please go online to:

This will take you to the UC Irvine Giving Page, which will allow your donation to be directed to Dr. Lakey’s research. Fill in the amount of your donation, then fill in your name, address and credit card information. (You may optionally select to fill in the section called My Gift is in Support of Faculty Member’s Research, where you can type in “Lakey”). You will also receive a thank you from Dr. Lakey and a letter confirming your tax deductible donation! 

From the very bottom of my heart, thank you!!!



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