It’s about time! Lawsuit Against Insulin Companies Can Move Forward…..Tick Tick Tick was posted by Tom Karlya, on 15 February 2019.  Below is the press release from Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP. They are a consumer-rights class-action law firm with 10 offices across the country. They have won quite a few cases in the history of these type cases.The release is below with permission.

Image result for lawsuit against insulin makersWhile Steve Berman (Law Firm Partner) accused the benefit managers of being complicit, he said the lawsuit focused on the drug makers because “they are playing the game, and they are the ones who publish the list price.”  


In the 210 page complaint it states:

463. Plaintiffs seek monetary relief against defendants in an amount to be determined at trial. Plaintiffs also seek punitive damages because defendants acted wantonly in causing plaintiffs’ and class members’ injuries or with such a conscious indifference to the consequences that malice may be inferred.

464. Plaintiffs also seek an order enjoining defendants’ unfair, unlawful, and/or deceptive practices, attorneys’ fees, and any other just and proper relief ……

Read the press release: 

Tandem’s X2 Insulin Pump Is First Device to Receive New FDA ACE Pump Classification … great news!!!

Tandem’s X2 Insulin Pump Is First Device to Receive New FDA ACE Pump ClassificationTandem Diabetes Care, Inc. announced that the U.S. FDA has classified the t:slim X2 insulin pump as the first in a new device category called Alternate Controller Enabled Infusion Pumps (ACE pumps).

According to the FDA, ACE pumps are devices intended for the infusion of drugs into a patient. The ACE pump may include basal and bolus drug delivery at set or variable rates. ACE pumps are designed to reliably and securely communicate with compatible external devices, such as automated drug dosing systems, to allow drug delivery commands to be received, executed, and confirmed. ACE pumps are intended to be used both alone and in conjunction with digitally connected medical devices for the purpose of drug delivery.

Read more: FDA authorizes first interoperable insulin pump


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