I recently attended the DiabetesMine D-Data Exchange and Innovation Summit at UCSF.  Several app developers displayed their new products … just so you know what’s out there.


sugariqSugar.IQ (a collaboration between Medtronic and IBM Watson) uses Medtronic CGM and  pump data, along with meal info that users input manually, to “find hidden patterns in diabetes data.” Using pattern recognition, you will be alerted about actions you can take in your diabetes management.





rileylinkLoop is an iPhone app which provides a user interface for the hybrid closed loop and requires just one little relay device (called “RileyLink” encased in a 3-d printed case about the size of a Tic Tac container), an old Medtronic pump and a Dexcom CGM.  It automatically adjusts basal insulin delivery.  It is an open source app and not FDA approved.  I expect to be “Looping” in early January when the updated RileyLink is released.  Stay tuned!




nutrinoNutrino is a log for user input data, such as food and various data sources, which then provides a picture of how your daily food intake and other inputs impact your glucose levels.





suggesticSuggestic shares personalized eating recommendations for a variety of eating situation, currently only available on iOS.





glucose-advisorsGlucose Advisors with Engine 1 is an exercise decision support tool which recommends food intake based on planned exercise start time, IOB and current glucose levels, developed by an Ironman triathlete T1.

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