LOOPing is the latest and coolest new buzzword in the diabetes community.  It is often synonymous with artificial pancreas but I resist the urge to confuse the two.

screenshotLooping, either in the do-it-yourself d-community or waiting for the traditional corporate new products, involves a computer algorithm designed to gather data from your CGM, your insulin pump, your pump settings and your basal input regarding the carbs you eat … and then make suggestions on your basal rates throughout the entire day.  Typically, when the LOOP is closed (meaning that the algorithm is controlling your pump for your basal rates), it is making 288 decisions per 24-hour period, trying to keep your blood sugars in a range you input.  When the LOOP is open, you can watch the suggested changes but the program remains completely under your control.  When you feel confident in all parts of the system, you can toggle to switch to CLOSED … and then, voila, you are LOOPing! 


Is LOOPing for everyone?  No, of course not!  One very good reason to LOOP is to maintain your BG levels in a tighter range, without you having to constantly be aware of it.  It is particularly useful throughout the night, when BG’s often vary.  You can rest assured that your pump is on-duty, making adjustments for you.

What is LOOPINGopenaps

More to come about LOOPING, my decision to LOOP, and my experiences in the Do-It-Yourself LOOPing journey with RileyLink!



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