Wes is one of the greats of Nightscout and #WeAreNotWaiting … and he’s an amazing and fully committed guy.  Here’s his take on Closed Loop Proof of Concept:


Successful PROOF of Concept! …BUT our family will be taking this transition much much slower than first anticipated. SO between the gauge of #WeAreNotWaiting and #WeAreWaiting, we are at #MovingForwardAndDoingMuchMoreResearch ; )

This is hands down the most POWERFUL diabetes tool at our disposal.

I compare it to a jet airplane. You can learn just enough to know how to take off, but flying (Looping) is about SO much more than taking off. You NEED to learn the system before you take off, you NEED the training to ensure you can successfully maneuver & navigate, and you NEED to know how to safely land.

Because after all, it’s not about getting to your destination, its about arriving safely, intact, alive, (so you can keep flying (Looping) for the rest of your life)…or until they find a cure (heard its only 5 years away ; )

PS-To *any* of the families that may have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), rest assured that FOMO should **not** be your reason for setting this up prior to spending the requisite amount of time to learn how to fly (Loop). How long is the requisite amount of time? I have no idea, our family just enrolled to “learn how to fly (Loop).”


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