I started the Facebook group, Loop and Learn (originally So Cal Loopers for those using DIY Loop in southern California) about 5 years ago.  It is now one of the larger Facebook groups about how to build and then, more importantly, how to best manage your Type 1 diabetes with closed-loop systems. 

The group is nearing 9000 members worldwide … and we are significantly more active and focused on education than the main DIY looping communities … and all of this is a totally volunteer effort.  We hold Open Mic Zoom events twice/month, publish a very informative weekly newsletter, offer answers to member questions around the clock, 24 hours/day, have quite a catalog of videos to learn about various aspects of running closed loop systems as well as interviews with researchers, device manufacturers and start-up innovators, offer one-on-one support if needed, maintain 2 websites for technical information and training, growing a strong Instagram account, and above all, we strive to be kind and encouraging, as we all understand the challenges of living with Type 1 diabetes, 24/7/365.  

I just wanted to share one of our newsletters … you might learn a tip or two … you might be curious about this thing called looping.  Please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter as well as our YouTube channel.  Bookmark our websites, if you are looping or curious and want to learn more.  

Loop and Learn Resources

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