HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED BEHIND A LOOP? Nightscout superstar/superdad/super guy gives you a glimpse! Thank you, Nightscout, Loopers and CGM in the Cloud!

WestonNorgren2016crop100When I looked behind our Loop, I found the following individuals creating, implementing, and supporting our Loop. That is when I realized that their actions would be imprinted upon the hearts in our family for being the catalysts of change in a dreary world fraught with our never ending battle with T1D.

Ben West for seeing what I could not see, for showing me that which I missed and for his perspective and his ability to sacrifice for the good of the many.

Dana M. Lewis & Scott Leibrand for their tireless efforts in bringing the closed loop technology to the masses through, Gitter, conferences, and their ever-present work on harnessing the genie that has come out of the bottle.

Nate Racklyeft & Chris Hannemann for their quiet, thorough & amazing work in the Open Source community and with OpenAPS & Loop.

Chris Hannemann, Mark Wilson & Nate Racklyeft for their amazing ability to communicate the necessity, reality & simplicity of Open Source closed loop systems as solutions.

Jason Calabrese for being a dear family friend & trailblazer for our family through the myriads of options in the OpenAPS community, (he’s the Indiana Jones of closed looping).

Edward Raskin for shattering my paradigm in Anaheim & offering perpetual support (my world would *never* be the same).

Jason Adams for his **eternal** optimism regarding closing the Loop and everything we can do with it for our community & families.

Kate Farnsworth for hitting the ground running and having plans in place with Pina Barbieri before the conference in Anaheim even ended. For creating a Loop group and community that provides a familiar environment for all our “Facebook only friends.” : )

Christine Deltrap for knowing which way is up in all things D and which path leads to a dead end when it comes to all things D.

Pina Barbieri for all of the work put into the documentation and for the BEST sense of humor.

Katie DiSimone for her documentation, resources and amazing knowledge of Loop, Katie dove into the Loop pool & completely committed to making it a better place for those that followed.

Rachel Sandlain for her ever even keeled advice when it comes to closed Looping.

Pete Schwamb for stepping up to the plate and creating a solution for his daughter Riley, that became a solution for hundreds of families desperately seeking a way to do what he had already done…improve the life of a loved one.

Kenneth Stack & Gustavo Munoz for having quietly accomplished the majority of that which the rest of us strive to wrap our minds around today. Our hashtag is #WeAreNotWaiting, their hashtag is #WeDidntWait.

Ali Mazaheri for always being their and always providing support for our community on so many different levels.

James Wedding for supporting (at multiple levels) a technology for others that as of yet he cannot personally implement for his family.

AND I would be remiss if i did not also thank John Costik & Laurie Schwartz for their time & energy that has helped our family in this process of surviving & thriving with T1D.

Thank you one and ALL! I can see you supporting the great weight of our Loop.

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