Why Insulin Pumps Are Finally Getting Smarter was presented by CNBC, 16 July 2020 … with our very own Katie Disimone! 

Technology is finally innovating diabetes management. With the advancement in technologies like continuous glucose monitors, traditional insulin pumps are evolving into smarter devices that can automate insulin delivery. Medtronic and Tandem Diabetes are the only two companies to offer hybrid closed loop systems. A community of diabetics are also hacking pumps to do the same thing. CNBC’s Erin Black just switched from the hacked system to Tandem’s Control-IQ and takes a look at how insulin pumps are getting smarter.

Here’s a great presentation about the Sugarmate App by developer Josh Juster. This was recorded on the Facebook group, So Cal Loopers, on 6.20.2020, just 2 days before the big announcement that Sugarmate was bought by Tandem Diabetes Care.  Such exciting news! 

Listen to Jon Fawcett and what his simulation of Loop Follow, recorded on Facebook So Cal Loopers, 7/12/2020.

And one more … a great discussion with Robert Silvers about his app, FPU Loop Shortcut which allows for bolusing for proteins and fats.  Robert also have a great website:  www.LoopCases.com … check out his blog!


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