Diabetes Data and AI is here today and definitely in our futures.
As more closed loop insulin delivery systems come on the market … and become the mainstream gold standard of care for T1Ds … who is going to collect all the data, analyze all the data and make recommendations based on all the data? 
How much data?  Well, CGMs report BGs every 5 minutes or less.  Pumps deliver insulin every 3 minutes.  And decisions/choices are made (how many carbs, how much exercise, stress … you get the idea … lots of input) constantly.  All these inputs create A LOT OF DATA.
Dreamed Diabetes AI is the forerunner in app and algorithm development for data analysis of AIDs (automated insulin delivery) in the hands of healthcare professionals … and maybe even for patients themselves!
Eran Atlas, CEO and Co-founder of Dreamed Diabetes AI, spoke with LOOP and LEARN (formerly So Cal Loopers) last weekend.  DreaMed became the first and only company in the world to receive a CE Mark and FDA clearance for its DreaMed Advisor Pro, which is a decision support system for Type I diabetes patients. The company is continuing to develop the DreaMed Advisor portfolio, which aids all diabetics and their healthcare professionals.  In fact, Dreamed Diabetes AI’s fuzzy logic algorithm is part of the upcoming Medtronic 870g closed loop system.Eran believes that data equals power and algorithms can be leveraged on data to derive better therapy decisions. In the field of diabetes, and especially when there is a need to make insulin dosing decisions, it is crucial to make the right decision at the right time.

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