OPEN Project is a European-based study about diabetes management, inclusive of loopers, non-loopers and caregivers/support network of people with diabetes. This survey is for ANY/ALL folks with Type 1 diabetes and their supporters (parents, spouses, etc.).  If you are on Tandem Control IQ or Medtronic 670G or on any insulin pump or on MDI (injections), PLEASE TAKE THIS SURVEY!!!  It officially closes at the end of November, so time is of the essence!


How can YOU help?

First and foremost, we would like you to fill out all the questions in our survey. When you start the survey, a random number, the participant ID, will be generated for you – we will never ask for your name or other identifying information.  Your data will be kept anonymous!

We are also planning to run important follow-up studies. The ONLY way to get in touch with you about this will be if you also join Open Humans, so we can message you anonymously.

You can donate your device data, too!

You will also have the option to anonymously donate your device data (e.g. from Nightscout). This would GREATLY HELP our aim of exploring improvements to the (DIY)APS experience for all, now and in the future.

About OPEN Project:

Bastian Hauck and Dr. Katarina Braune started The “OPEN” Project to bring together an international and intersectoral consortium of patient innovators, clinicians, social scientists, computer scientists and patient advocacy organizations to establish an evidence-base surrounding the impact of Do-it-Yourself Artificial Pancreas Systems (DIY APS) on PWDs and wider healthcare systems.

Bastian Hauck is a powerful patient voice and strategic business consultant with experience in advocacy, politics and healthcare. An economist and diplomat by training, Bastian is the Founder of the #dedoc° Diabetes Online Community and the #dedoc° voices scholarship program, which empowers an international network of patient advocates to attend scientific conferences and collaborate with researchers and industry. As CEO of Dedoc Labs, he specializes in providing patient-centric, user-driven consultancy services in healthcare communication, strategy and policy.

Bastian serves on the board of diabetesDE, IDF Europe and Beyond Type 1 and acts as co-lead of the EU-funded OPEN Project which conducts research on Do-It-Yourself Artificial Pancreas Systems (DIYAPS) and the #WeAreNotWaiting movement.  Bastian strongly believes in the core principle of peer support: Pay it forward.

Dr. Katarina Braune is a T1D PLUS a physician in Berlin, Digital Clinician Scientist at the Berlin Institute of Health, global diabetes advocate and spokesperson. Co-Chair at Hacking Health Berlin. Focus on open-source and patient-centred innovation in healthcare. Proud owner of a Do-it-Yourself Artificial Pancreas.

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