I’ve been “talking” about getting organized and prepared, as a T1, in case of medical emergencies, when seeing our professional medical teams or helping our advocates to be prepared to understand our medical conditions. 

Now, with Covid-19, the urgency to be prepared has become much more real and important. 

I and my local group of T1s (in T1 to 100 and TI Diabuddies) have developed several tools, that require a one-time effort to complete … and then you and your family can feel safer and more knowledgeable about your needs and how you manage your T1.

Today, we’ll look at organizing your Personal Medical Resume (All About Me!).  The task may seem daunting but once it is done, it just requires a tiny bit of upkeep about once a month. 

This is the most IMPORTANT step!  It speaks for you and has all your essential information in one place, gathered BEFORE an emergency.

DO NOT GET OVERWHELMED!  Just organize these items carefully and thoroughly … you only have to do this complete file ONCE!!!

You might want to create a file on your computer where you keep all these documents … makes it much easier when you need to update information.  It’s all in one place

I put each page, back to back, into sheet protectors, figured out the order that I thought might be valuable … and put them in a clasp folder.

These documents are included in this post, as set up as generic … you must fill in your own personal information.

It should include the items below (more or less, depending on your needs).  I’ve suggested how you might want to organize these pages but you choose what to include and in what order.

Are you ready?  Remember, all these documents are available for download and print out. 


  • Page 1 (front side): Table of Contents
  • Page 1 (back side): Most recent lab results
  • Page 2 (front side): My Essential Information Page
  • Page 2 (back side): List of advocates and contact PLUS TYPE 1 DIABETES wristband
  • Page 3 (front side): Detailed T1 and Health Management
  • Detailed letter of information on how I manage my health
  • Includes information on T1 and other conditions
  • Page 3 (back side):  Copy of driver license and insurance cards
  • Page 4 (front side):  My Medication List
  • Page 4 (back side): How and at what times I take my CRITICAL medications
  • Page 5 (front side):  List of Health Care Providers
  • Page 5 (back side): Immunizations
  • Page 6 (front side): History of Diagnoses and Surgeries
  • Page 6 (back side): Surgeries
  • Page 7 (front side): Advance Health Care Directive
  • Page 7 (back side):  Important Contacts (with name, address, contact info)
  • Page 8 & 9:  Google Health Record and Diabetes data charts


THERE YOU GO!  Not so bad!  Still breathing?  Below are the documents you can open and use as you organize YOU!

Next week, I’ll post about your T1 Go Bag … again, once you organize it, it only takes once a month to update.

And now for some resources!  This is the good stuff!

TYPE 1 DIABETES WRISTBANDS:  If you ever do wind up in the ER or the hospital, you’ll notice that you’ll have a name wristband to identify you, plus an allergy wristband if you have allergies plus a fall risk wristband, if they are worried about you falling. 

Well, I think it is equally important to have a wristband the identifies you, clearly, as TYPE 1 DIABETES.  When I couldn’t get the local hospital to take this seriously, I ordered my own!  And I have enough to share.  I’m offering these at my cost:  5 Wristbands for $5 (includes postage). 

Send me payment on Venmo (Joanne-Milo-1) and email your address:  joanne@TheSavvyDiabetic.com … I’ll be sending these out while supplies last and until I need to reorder. 

SEAT BELT ALERTS for PJCreationsLLC.com.  These are made by Julie, the mom of 3 now adult T1s … and I think the are amazing.  Put them on your seat belt strap (and one for your partner’s car too), your Go Bag, your gym bag … anything that you carry around that speaks for you, when you need it to.  They come in multiple colors and sizes, say Type 1 Diabetes, Insulin Dependent or Emergency Medical Information … and include a space inside to put in your medical ID card.

Through May 15, 2020, Julie is offering my readers a 10% discount on all orders. 

      • https://pjcreationsllc.com/collections/seat-belt-alerts

      • Code: SAVVY10

FACEBOOK Videos … Nicole Johnson (T1, former Miss America, T1 advocate) and I chatted about being prepared … what fun to be able to help all of us GET READY!!!

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