Diabetes Connections is T1D news show by long-time broadcaster, blogger and diabetes mom Stacey Simms, as she interviews prominent advocates, authors and speakers. Stacey Simms created Diabetes Connections in 2015 and she is the author of The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom, Real-Life Stories of Parenting a Child with Type 1 Diabetes, and I Can’t Cook But I Know Someone Who Can, a benefit cookbook for JDRF.  Stacey has been honored by The American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Forecast Magazine by being listed as one of their “People to Know.”  Stacey’s son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just before he turned two, back in 2006; she’s been sharing her family’s experience with T1D ever since. She is an award-winning radio news host and TV anchor/reporter with more than 20 years of broadcast news experience.

Disclaimer:  I’m not much of a podcast person … I’d rather watch a video.  BUT, these are GREAT interviews!!!  Enjoy!

15 June 2021:  “The System is Designed to Learn” – An iLet Update from Beta Bionics

Diabetes Connection with Kate Farnsworth, digital marketing & communications manager for Beta Bionics and founder of Looped and founding member of the Nightscout Foundation.  Listen to the Podcast

27 April 2021: Ben West: Using Diabetes Tech to Relieve the “Onus to Bolus”

Ben West was a key organizer and architect of Nightscout and OpenAPS software. Even after all of the DIY and commercial development of the last ten years, he says we’ve barely scratched the surface of removing the mental and physical burdens from people with diabetes. Among those burdens, he says, is what he calls the onus to bolus – the responsibilities of diabetes that even the most advanced current software can’t totally relieve.  Ben is now the CEO at Medical Data Networks which has launched its first venture: T1Pal

Listen to the Podcast

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