Loop and Learn T1D Speaker series hosted Erik Verhoef, CEO/President/Founder of Seagrove Partners, a consulting firm dedicated to uncovering customer insights (from the perspectives of both the end-user and the commercial entities). Their diabetes-focused corporate clients include device manufacturers, software developers, healthcare professionals, and big pharma.

The TOPIC:  Attitudes and Behaviors in Diabetes Management: PWDs and HCPs

This presentation details recent market research with T1D PWDs and prescribers/educators … and how reactions to diabetes technology can vary significantly, highlighting the need for both groups to better understand the other side.  In other words:

  • I’m the PWD: what do I think?
  • You’re the HCP: what do you think and how does that help me?  And why are you listening to me/us?

The research results will surprise you and possibly make you mad.  We all were stunned at the disconnect between us PWDs and our HCPs.  

Erik Verhoef founded Seagrove Partners in 2016 after spending 9 years at Tandem Diabetes Care, where he headed up Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, and Market Research, leading to the design and commercial launch of t:slim, the award-winning insulin pump. He played a pivotal role in helping the company raise 5 rounds of venture funding and was part of the core team that completed Tandem’s initial public offering — one of the most successful issuances in medical device history.

Prior to Tandem, Erik held roles in commercial analytics and marketing at Biosite, Bristol Myers-Squibb, and GlaxoSmithKline. He holds an MBA in Finance and a certificate in Health Services Management from Duke University and a BA in European History from Northwestern University. He is currently completing coursework in Molecular Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Erik KNOWS A LOT … and shares his most fascinating research about healthcare providers and PWDs.

If you want to follow some of the diabetes market surveys and research, you might want to bookmark their public site:  DiabetesData.org


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