“We’re IN!” This is VERY exciting news to all of us involved (developing and/or using) in the #WeAreNotWaiting, Do-It-Yourself movement.  Until now, those running DIY closed loop insulin delivery systems could only use certain, older Medtronic insulin pumps.  That forced many of us to shift away from our beloved Omnipod system … and many kids just didn’t want to be on tubed pumps.

In a Facebook CGM in the Cloud announcement yesterday, 13 September 2017, by James Wedding, one of the founders of Nightscout:

This has to come with a heaping big slice of “We’re not there yet,” pie with whipped cream on top, so big it’ll hurt your stomach later, but we’re getting closer:

“We’ve determined how the POD and PDM verify the origin and destination of insulin delivery commands, which are protected with a “nonce,” a semi-random number generated from the POD’s lot number and serial number. Now we can generate our own insulin delivery commands, and thus have complete control of a POD, without the necessity of a PDM. We still have some basic detective work left to do, which is to analyze every command thoroughly, so that we have complete “coverage” of the protocol. There are a few commands which we have yet to fully reverse, but they should become clear to us in rather short order.”

There is still a *lot* of work to do, but it’s coming! Really, a LOT of work to still do.

There’s still time if you’d like to back and support the folks doing all the late nights and hard work: Open Omni lets you pledge to the bounty and reward the devs and scientists working on this.

And for clarity, this bounty has NOTHING to do with Nightscout Foundation. It’s purely folks that want an open source OmniPod solution.

I’ve asked the EVP of Product at Insulet to consider working with the NS folks, as it would only serve to show their care and interest in truly serving the needs of the diabetes community … plus they’d have more sales of pods.  I was turned down and told to wait until 2019.  Made me sad.

NEWS from DiabetesMine: New Dana RS Insulin Pump Embraces #WeAreNotWaiting Open Design! written by Mike Hoskins, 12 September 2017.

At the EASD 2017 Diabetes Conference in Portugal this week, SOOIL Development (South Korea) announced the launch of a new insulin pump, outside the United States, that is going where no commercial diabetes product has gone before: it is embracing the do-it-yourself diabetes community by actually including two-way communication capabilities between the pump controller and smartphone apps.

This is virtually unheard-of to date in the commercial diabetes industry. While other companies in the U.S. and globally have talked about open interfaces and design and are exploring that for future tech, the new DANA Diabecare RS insulin pump from South Korean company SOOIL Development appears to be the first D-device to actually make it happen. They even collaborated with the European DIY community for design advice.

Read more: New Dana RS Insulin Pump Embraces #WeAreNotWaiting Open Design!

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