Maybe I’m just a geek … but I thought this was great fun!  Still trying to figure out how to save the image with movement. 

According to a cool article on DiabetesMine, 21 March 2019, Get Your Own Xbox Diabetes Avatar! describes Microsoft’s first-ever diabetes avatar — de   signed for Xbox gamers, but good for us non-gamers, too, as once you’ve created yours, it can be ported into just about any digital platform you like, as long as you can figure it out!





This comes courtesy of Scott Hanselman in Oregon, a well-known technology blogger and author who was out there sharing his story online long before most folks ever even heard of social media. He’s lived with type 1 diabetes since his early 20s and some may remember that Scott created the first PalmPilot Diabetes Management software way back when Palms were a big thing.  Video games have been a big part of Scott’s life as an early tech adopter and programmer; he’s quite familiar with that universe, especially since he works for Microsoft’s web platform team as his day job.

Scott is pretty excited about this and says he’s hoping to see at least 4 or 5 more diabetes-specific avatars in the future.  He says he’s now working to prove to the non-profit Nightscout org that this freshly launched D-avatar is a success (so purchase yours!).

“If this proves successful, it will be the first in a whole series of diabetes avatars,” he says. “I would like them to make me an insulin pump attached to a pair of pants, and then ’emots’ where the little avatar can dance or do some emotion. We want a blood sugar check emot, where he or she stops for a moment and to prick a finger to check glucose. We also would like to have a little Nightscout emot, where the avatar could have an iPod or phone to display a blood sugar of 100 and would jump up and down.” He’s hoping for summertime for the next one to debut in the Xbox Store.

For non-gamers who have a Windows machine, you can also go into the avatar store and get the Xbox Avatar Editor for free, and then make a little person with your own body size, face shape, etc., and purchase this diabetes avatar for just under $3.

Because Scott isn’t interested in making money off this, he coordinated an arrangement where the Nightscout Foundation gets all the profits, after Konsole Kingz recoups the costs of designing this avatar and getting it into the Store.

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