In our continuing feature on Friday, please meet Little Mikey, the cat who was adopted from the Orange County Animal Shelter by Cassidy, a super cool T1 (who is studying to be a nurse and who also did the Bike Beyond Bike Across American 2 years ago!!!). 

Mikey’s the sweetest little guy who flops on the ground as soon as someone walks in the house to have his belly rubbed and starts purring as soon as he gets a pet!

He has a plethora of names around the house including mikey, michael, big mike, gary and my personal favorite…juicebox (why?  I don’t know!!!).  He loves laying out in the backyard (supervised!) and “hunting” the leaves and gnats haha!

He brings a lot of joy into the world around here!

Share the news about your wonderful and loving pets … featured on Fridays!  Simply send me some JPEG’s and a little info/story … and BAM, your pet(s) may become famous!!!  Send to me at

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