10 Healthy Foods offers some great tips on substituting one ingredient for a healthier option … written by Erin Palinski-Wade on OnTrackDiabetes.com.  After you see how easy and delicious it is to eat healthier versions of favorite foods you may never go back to the original recipe! Here are some ideas to get you started. For example:

  • Use mashed avocado instead of butter
  • Use low-fat cottage cheese and low-fat Greek yogurt to replace mayonnaise and sour cream
  • Munch on pistachio nuts instead of chips and dip

Read more: https://www.ontrackdiabetes.com/live-well/eat-well/10-healthy-food-swaps


How to Be a Polite Dinner Guest When You Have Type 1 Diabetes is a great piece by Ginger Jeanne Vieira, a long time T1 and blogger for the diabetes online community.  She offers expert advice on how to avoid unwanted carbs and hurt feelings at family gatherings. 

She starts with the paragraph: My Broken Pancreas Made Me Do It!  Unwanted carbs can really be challenging for people living with type 1 diabetes. Here are some other reasons why we turn down certain foods:

  • Maybe saying no to the potatoes at dinner is because you’d rather have cake for dessert
  • Maybe you only have 8 units left in your insulin pump and you can’t afford to eat more than 20 grams of carbs to guard against running out of insulin.
  • Maybe it’s because we love the sight of that “perfect” line on your continuous glucose meter and don’t want to ruin it by eating something with an unpredictable carb-count (i.e. someone’s homemade pie, soup, bread, etc.)
  •  … and more …

The Bottom Line: the simplest approach might be to remind yourself that you’re not being rude, you’re just doing the best you can with a very high-maintenance, tedious disease that can fluctuate easily and wildly. Every bite you take has the potential to make your day easier or more complicated. The choices is yours, and no one else’s.

Read more: How to Be a Polite Dinner Guest When You Have Type 1 Diabetes


18 Foods Scientifically Shown To Lower Blood Pressure, was written by Joe for DietvsDisease.org, 9 November 2017.  Who knew there were so many options for foods that can lower blood pressure?! 

Correcting high blood pressure is the single most important thing you can do to improve your cardiovascular health and lifespan. Rather than always cutting foods out, research shows you may really benefit from eating more of certain foods.  Here’s the list!



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