I needed more ideas for snacks that are low carb and not a ton of calories … so I asked! My go-to’s have been celery or snap peas lately … but that gets tired really fast!

Here are some great suggestions from both this blog as well as the Facebook group called CGM Off Topic.  Have a great time munching through the summer. 

Great question! My favorite low-carb, low-cal (and, as a bonus, low-cost) snack is canned mushrooms! I drizzle them with a little bit of soy sauce and parsley to make them pretty, and they’re delightful and filling. As for that celery, I totally agree! 🙂 Sometimes I’ll dip it in a little mustard just to make it more interesting. I can’t wait to see others’ ideas; I’m always on the lookout for low-carb snacks!  (Angie H.)

A hard boiled egg is a great snack that fills me up between meals. Just keep chilled. (Sandra S.)

Sugar Free Jell-o! (Although it is better once you add fat on top with a dollop of whipped cream) 🙂 (Sabrina R.)

For that area I’d suggest- berries in moderation, almonds, pumpkin seeds, veggies, organic beef jerky, organic/pasture raised egg, kale chips, wild caught tuna salad, roasted seaweed, guacamole, olives, cucumber… things like that 🙂  (Jill Anenberg Lawrence, holistic health coach, https://www.jilllawrencehealth.com/.  Jill is hosting an event next Sunday July 14th in West LA all about sugar! https://www.jilllawrencehealth.com/sweet-summer-fling/)

Buy an air fryer/dehydrator (even a small one that makes enough for 2 people).  Then “fry” broccoli, brussels sprouts, peppers, garbanzo beans, and more!  Or cut up cubes of firm tofu, squeeze out the excess water, roll them in almond flour and then “fry!”  (Dr. Steve Hutchins, chiropractor, personal trainer, golf coach, vegan, https://shapeupwithdrsteve.com)

I like rice cakes & peanut butter. Omelets, side salads with proteins can also be snacks. Also salami cheese and olives! (Jenny J.)

Especially chocolate rice cakes with PB! (Jean O.)   I MUST TRY THIS!!!

I LOVE dill pickles! Alone, spears with lunch meat or cheese wrapped around it, spread with cream cheese and dried beef wrapped around it then sliced. Cucumbers sliced in half scooped out and stuffed with pimento cheese, chicken salad, or used as bread with a regular sandwich. Mozzerella pearls with olive oil and balsamic- you can skewer one with a toothpick and cherry tomato and fresh basil leaf. Pepperoni slices baked in toaster oven for a little crunch are also good. Some of the *fancy* grocery stores by us have antipasti bars with stuffed olives, peppers and such 😍 (Amy S.)

These are my go to recipe sites. Online or books these are great! (Laurie S.)

  • https://mariamindbodyhealth.com/ketogenic-nutritionist/
  • https://alldayidreamaboutfood.com

Pork rinds.. there are some flavored ones now that are fantastic. Zero carbs and fulfill that craving for chips and other high-carb snacks. (Scott P.)

Meijer (Midwest grocery chain) has flavored pork rinds. Be still my heart!! So if you can find good flavored ones these are a must. My fav is Chili Lime. (Lindsey W.)

I like hard boiled eggs, peppers and hummus, cheese (my fav is garlic cheese curds warmed up a little), almonds, carrots/peanut butter (not low carb but I handle it well), flavored pork rinds, Diet Coke 😝. (Lindsay W.)

Deviled eggs, turkey lettuce wraps, turkey cream cheese pickle roll up. (Neen B.)

I like veggies with guacamole. Cucumbers slices or carrot sticks are my personal favorites. You could also try to make a tzatziki dip with full fat Greek yogurt and use veggies as a dip (peppers, cukes, carrots). Almonds. Pistachios. Celery sticks with almond butter on them. Greek salads. Caesar salads with anchovies. No croutons though. Zucchini pizzas (zucchini slices roasted with olive oil, topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella and broiled). Kale chips. Trader Joe’s has a taco seasoning one that’s yummy.. (Michelle H.)

Sunflower seeds. (Emily K.)

Capsicum (pepper?) slices with low fat cottage cheese and chives sprinkled on top, boiled egg, celery/carrot/cucumber sticks with hummus, kale/zucchini chips, high protein low fat flavoured yoghurt, endless vegetable based snacks that are far tastier and filling than any carbs. Low carb fruit. You could even buy a dehydrator and dehydrate your own fruit so you have an endless supply of go to snacks. Even air popped popcorn is nice. So many healthy recipes on line. (Dianne H.)

Do you ever roast veggies? Chill them, add fresh pearl size mozzarella balls and Italian dressing. Great cold veggie salad for the summer. Can also add cut up beef stick and it’s a meal. This is a nice option so you can pass on the pasta and fruit salads of summer.  (Jean O.)

AND some fun from Randy Glasbergen!  https://www.glasbergen.com/
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