Do you bolus for fats & protein?  Or only carbs, as we’ve been long taught?  

This is a great presentation from Children with Diabetes, with Dr. Laya Ekhlaspour and a discussion about why post-meal glucose control is challenging for people with type 1 diabetes, and what evidence there is about insulin dosing for fat and protein, as well as what this looks like in the context of artificial pancreas systems.

Dr. Laya Ekhlaspour is a pediatric endocrinologist and her training and expertise are in the clinical care of diabetes and diabetes research. During her residency, she was inspired by seeing the use of novel methods in the management of diabetes while attending diabetes summer camps and decided to focus her research efforts on type 1 diabetes. During her fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), she focused on diabetes technology, and specifically on automated glycemic regulation with the bionic pancreas working. She joined Stanford’s closed-loop research team in 2016 to apply her evidence-based clinical knowledge to develop and test technology-driven tools to improve the management of diabetes. She has collaborated with several groups (industry and academic) developing artificial pancreas systems, continuous glucose sensors, and has been a co-investigator on the pivotal trials of current FDA approved systems, as well as ones in the process of clearance. She recently received an NIH grant to specifically address problems related to providing adequate insulin coverage for meals that have variable fat and protein content.

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