You might know that I’ve been involved in the DIY looping community for quite a while … and always looking forward to better and easier technology in the mainstream.  As I posted this week, Omnipod 5, the first tubeless automated insulin delivery system with smartphone control was approved by the US FDA … and this is exciting news!  And Omnipod 5 execs have been making the publicity rounds with all the mainstream media.  

Amazingly, Shacey Petrovic (CEO) and Trang Ly (CMO) have publicly given the DIY community tremendous praise for our support and for pushing technology forward.  Without the #WeAreNotWaiting movement, the closed-loop systems might not have happened or certainly not as far as they have come.  They are still behind the functionality of the DIY solutions but work well enough for the average T1D populations.  And that’s great!

Within a day of the FDA announcement, Trang Ly agreed to share with us loopers on a Loop and Learn (DIY) Zoom event.  It was a great and interactive dialog … and greatly appreciated by all.  

For a few different interviews and perspectives:

Stacey Simms/Diabetes Connections Interview with Dr. Trang Ly, 1 February 2022



Juicebox Podcast with Scott Benner, Interview with Shacey Petrovic and Trang Ly, 28 January 2022






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