Today is the 4th day of Diabetes Blog Week 2017 … and the topic is What Brings Me Down.  Easy, huh?!?  Well, I’ve taken it a step further.








I thought long and hard about this.  

I’m mostly living in gratitude, being amused and happy most of the time.  I’d rather smile than frown.  I like to laugh and giggle.  That’s just me.  I find the world fascinating and curious. I love the word JOYFUL!

I can, however, tip over.  I often see it coming. I’ll do my best to describe it as I’m sure you will UNDERSTAND!

I work very hard to manage my health and be mindful and live well.  I try to help others.  BUT when I encounter barriers to getting what I need for my health, I get MAD.  For example:

  • Prior authorizations!  My doctor chooses a course of treatment and insurance wants more documentation and precious doctor time.  I trust my doctor more than I trust a pharmacy rep!
  • Miscommunication between insurance and my doctor’s office.  Orders and rx’s get faxed … BUT no one seems to have received it!
  • It takes an hour to to reach a human being at a device company, medical supply company or insurance company, only to find out that you need another prior auth.
  • Mostly, TIME!  It already takes several hour   s/day to manage diabetes:
  • calculating dosages
  • changing infusion sites or taking injections     
  • testing blood sugar and doing calibrations
  • chasing high blood sugars
  • chasing low blood sugars
  • ordering and refilling prescriptions
  • going to healthcare providers and local pharmacies
  • and MORE! 

You know!  And I’m okay with that as I feel grateful that I CAN go to the doctor and I CAN get medications and devices.  

Just don’t throw roadblocks in my way and waste my time and my doctor’s time.  

Just stop it!


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