So happy to be back blogging for’s annual Diabetes Blog Week, hosted by Karen Graffeo.  Some great topics coming your way this week!

Today’s topic is Diabetes and The Unexpected.  And my latest, of a lifetime of “Unexpected’s” occurred last week, as I’m learning about Looping with RileyLink. 

I noticed that, while running in Closed Loop mode, sometimes after an infusion site change, my Loop started a 0% temp bolus rate during a rising blood sugar.  It made no sense.  If I turned of the temp rate, it would turn it back on. 

Was there a demon living inside my RileyLink motherboard? 

NO!  I finally posted the question on the Facebook page, Looped … and got several very excellent answers, including how to resync the clocks on my phone and my pump.  But the big answer:  When I change my infusion site but use the same reservoir, as I fill the tubing and the cannula, Loop sees that as IOB.  Suddenly I’m showing 11 units of IOB, so OF COURSE, it should shut off!  And believe it or not, from the amazing folks on Looped, there is a definite work-around by deleting history so the Loop doesn’t get confused. 

Ta-Da!  Done … 2 problems solved!  Loving my RileyLink more and more every day, as I experience more “Unexpected’s”!

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