(Disclaimer:  I do NOT work for any of these companies.  I did receive a sample of MedAngel ONE and have provided feedback for future software revisions.  Everything else is something I’ve bought and I use.)

Keep it Cool & Safe! MedAngel ONE and a tip for traveling with Insulin

Keeping our meds at the correct temperature is IMPORTANT!  Not too cold, not too warm, definitely not too hot or frozen!

Years ago, while on a vacation on the east coast, I had prefilled several insulin cartridges (which is the way I was taught in the days of the Deltec Cozmo, which allowed the air bubbles to settle out).  My husband and I checked into a lovely hotel with an in-room refrigerator.  He put my insulin in the fridge and off we went to explore downtown Boston.  That evening, I checked on my insulin … and ALL CARTRIDGES WERE FROZEN! The mini fridge had an open freezer section … and that caused all my insulin to freeze! 

I called my pump rep back west, asking if it was ok to thaw the insulin and still use it.  NO, absolutely not! 

Lesson #1: Always keep a current rx for a vial of insulin or buy your insulin from a national chain, in case you need to buy a bottle while away from home.  You could need to buy insulin away from home for so many reasons including frozen or overheated insulin or even a dropped/broken bottle. 

Lesson #2: Keep your insulin (and other temperature sensitive meds) at the correct temperature. 

How do you know?  We’ve had 2 mishaps with our in-home refrigeration.  One time, our small extra refrigerator … seemed fine until we checked one day and the cooling unit had stopped working.  Another time, the door to the refrigerator simply didn’t close completely … and was open all night.  Seriously?! 

I had the opportunity to try out a new product called MedAngel ONE, by MedAngel (made in Europe, sold worldwide).  Disclosure: they sent me 2 MedAngel ONEs to try but I do not work for them nor do I sell their product). This is a tiny but powerful little device!


From their website: MedAngel

  • MedAngel ONE helps you store temperature-sensitive medications properly.
  • It consists of a small temperature sensor, which connects to a mobile app on your phone via Bluetooth. The MedAngel ONE sensor is meant to be kept with your medications as it continuously measures the temperature at which they are stored.
  • The free MedAngel ONE app shows you the current temperature and alerts you when the safe temperature range of your medication is exceeded, so that you can take action. A timeline helps you track temperature changes over the course of the last 30 days.
  • By using MedAngel ONE, you will no longer have to wonder about the safety of your medications, as it helps you keep them safe in storage at home, while you are out and about during the day, and while travelling.

The MedAngel ONE sensor continuously measures temperature and is kept with the medications you want to monitor. If you are keeping multiple medications in one place, like your fridge, it makes sense to select and attribute them to one sensor in the app. The MedAngel ONE app will give you medication-based notifications, so if the temperature is critical for one of your medications but not for the others, you will only get an alert for that particular one.

I use 2 sensors:

  • One for the insulin and Afrezza in use, that I carry around with me during the day, and
  • One for my stock of meds (insulin, Afrezza, Victoza, Glucagon plus my husband’s temp-sensitive meds) in the fridge at home. (You might want to use only one sensor to put with your medications in your fridge and occasionally take with you in a cool bag, or you might also want to use two sensors to check on meds both at home and in your office fridge.)

I’m able to track the temperature ranges for all meds that I listed in the app … and see/download the history. 

DISCOUNT PURCHASE for readers of TheSavvyDiabetic.com: 

  • 50% off the second MedAngel One sensor with the purchase of one MedAngel One sensor. 
  • PLUS 25% off for orders higher than $65. 
  • Limit: one coupon per customer. 
  • Offer ends Monday, October 8, 2018.
  • To Buy, go to Buy MedAngel One NOW


NAME BUBBLES … such a cool product (thanks to Kate Farnsworth of Nightscout and Looped). 

From Name Bubbles, here’s The Story of Name Bubbles:  Name Bubbles is the best (we sure think so!) waterproof name label company around, creating dishwasher and laundry safe labels as well as personalized wall decor, accessories, and more! We pride ourselves in the oodles of personalization options available online and the large variety of styles, icons, and colors to suit any personality. Creating awesome products and delivering the best customer experience is what we aim to do.

What originally started as an in-home business, Michelle Brandriss’ goal of creating well-crafted personalized name labels quickly grew into a successful e-commerce business with a talented team of people. We’re proud to provide customers with products that are made in small town USA, and strive to deliver a positive customer experience with personalized products that stand out, stay put and keep things coming home!

And for those of us living with devices to manage our diabetes, we can so easily lose/misplace our CGM receiver, cell phone, RileyLink, (especially on airplanes and at the movies).

So what should you do? Order these! Name Bubbles Medical Alert Labels

I have these on my CGM receiver, my cell phone (but I use my husband’s phone as the emergency contact!), RileyLink, Insulin Travel Kit … they stick on easily and stay on, are waterproof … and just downright COOL! 

The Medical Alert labels were designed to get the point across. The information fields allow you to personalize your medical stickers to your specific needs, with room for contact information and quick instructions. The alert labels come in four styles, whether it is an allergy, medical condition or critical medical device.

Name Bubbles is offering my readers a 10% discount code that can be applied to any upcoming purchase! 

Name Bubbles 10% Discount Code: GDP10

  • Please note that this code is case sensitive and should be entered into the shopping cart exactly how it appears (in all caps).
  • It cannot be applied with any additional discount codes or to sale items.
  • Expires 12/31/2018


My final rave is about my Tile Location Trackers!  I LOVE THEM!!! 

I have Tile Mates attached to my Dexcom CGM receiver, my RileyLink case and my car keys.  And the tracker and the phone app WORK perfectly! 

As I was writing this, I wanted to take a picture of my Tile Mate attached to my Dexcom receiver … but I couldn’t find it.  I searched my home and my car and my husband’s care … nowhere.  I had a strange inkling that I had left it on the exercise bike at the gym but it is after 10pm and the gym is closed.  So I opened the Tile app … and sure enough, it identified the location of my Dexcom receiver at the gym!  RELIEVED!  I’ll pick it up in the morning!  Worth its weight in gold!!!  But it isn’t even that expensive!!!

I asked Tile to give my readers a one-time discount … they sadly said no, despite my explanation of Tile’s important in managing our devices.  However, they do offer good discounts on their website:

Learn more:  Tile Location Trackers



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