Living with Type 1 diabetes is challenging.  Figuring out foods (carbs/proteins/fats and amounts) is really constantly challenging.  Now, let’s add in exercise!  Whew, that’s even more challenging!  THEN, managing your diabetes with multiple daily injections, insulin pumps, cgms or closed-loop insulin delivery systems …  here’s another layer of complexity and things you need to consider.   

It’s enough to make you want to sit down and snooze away the exercise. BUT WAIT!

Let’s learn from a professional about what happens in your body when you exercise, what and how you can adjust settings and carbs to be a more successful “looping” exerciser.

Laura Nally, MD, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 6 years in 1990. She trained to become a pediatric endocrinologist at Stanford University, where she began Looping in 2018.

While at Stanford, she spent 8 days hiking Mt. Whitney (14,505 ft), the tallest peak in the contiguous US, with 9 teens and 2 adults with T1D, and went on to write the first Wildnerness Medical Society Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diabetes Management.

She currently works at Yale University as an Assistant Professor and receives funding from the National Institutes of Health to study metabolic changes that occur on very low carbohydrate diets in youth with T1D. She also published the first case report of Looping in Pregnancy (PDF is available on the Loop and Learn FB group). She spends her free time advocating to improve access and affordability of diabetes medications and supplies, serving as the legislative lead for the Connecticut #insulin4all Chapter of T1International.


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