This is definitely a DO NOT MISS presentation!  When you are looking for the next generation of FDA-approved automated insulin delivery pumps, this is a strong contender!!!  They recently completed their submission to the FDA!  

Tidepool is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization, founded by people with diabetes, caregivers and leading healthcare provides committed to helping all people with insulin-requiring diabetes.

Brandon Arbiter is VP of Product and Business Development for Tidepool.  His work includes relationship-building with partners (device makers, researchers, app developers, non-profits and clinics), as well as designing prioritization frameworks to direct Tidepool’s design and development work. His motivation in bringing Tidepool Loop to the mainstream:  making this incredible, community designed solution broadly accessible.  He’s had T1D since 2011.  He also serves on the board of JDRF San Francisco.  And in the past 3 years, also became a husband and a new dad.

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