Well, the title tagline says it all: A Survival Guide. 

“Here is a given:  100% of people do not like having diabetes. Most partners don’t wish to burden anyone with their disease 1, especially not their significant other. Often, the “burden” becomes a problem in the relationship.  The partner with diabetes may have guilt and shame – or have experienced real or perceived stigma – for having to deal with this disease.  All of these emotions and experiences contribute to emotional distress and are something you should be aware of. Take on this “elephant in the room” and make sure your partner knows you support him/her through thick and thin  – and that includes diabetes.”  (page 17)

Nicole Johnson and Lorraine Steihl have an abundance of experiences surrounding life with diabetes.  Nicole has had T1 for over 20 years … and Lorraine has been married to a T1 for over 30 years.  They have both been actively involved in the diabetes community and diabetes advocacy … and they definitely know about living with diabetes.  They touch upon lots of topics that affect couples in which one partner has T1 … and offer some suggestions on how to best cope.  Often they default to “communications” and “humor”, which certainly is the bedrock on surviving a relationship with T1.

This is a great little primer although I wish there were more personal anecdotes and humorous stories (you know, the kind that wasn’t funny at the time but in retrospect are hilarious!).  If you have Type 1 diabetes or you are living with someone who has T1, this is a great little coping book.

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