These 2 books found their way to me … and both are excellent. 

‘Twas My Type of Christmas, A Type 1 Diabetes Christmas Story, written by Mike Suarez, illustrated by Olsi Tola … “This book is dedicated to every T1D Warrior navigating the holidays.  There are many who are just like you, and all of you are in this together.”  WOW, another PRECIOUS book Andrew, the T1D hero of “Year One with Type One!” I just can’t stop smiling! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I just love this book (and the first one too!) … A perfect holiday gift for any T1, child or adult … and to share at any diabetes pediatric clinic. This will DEFINITELY get you into the holiday spirit!!  I mean, really, the reindeer are all wearing CGM sensors!!!

Mike Suarez, Andrew’s dad, writes in rhymes … and tells about how they deal with the holidays in their family. It is adorably illustrated by Olsi Tola … among the reindeer Huma and Novo and Lantus and Lancet … SO ADORABLE!!!

Thank you Mike … and Merry Christmas to the Suarez family!


Parenting Children with Diabetes, A Guide to Understanding and Managing the Issues, by Eliot LeBow, LCSW, CDE … a diabetes-focused psychotherapist in New York City in private practice as well as online at  He truly understands, having lived with Type 1 diabetes since 1977.

This book offers parents a 360-degree perspective of what is happening to their child as they grow into and grow up with diabetes, from diagnosis to monitoring and controlling their blood sugars to their exposure to other people’s opinions in schools and other common situations as to how they should handle their diabetes. This book provides parents with special tools, insights, and education so they can more confidently and effectively communicate, understand, and empathize with their child’s experience with diabetes and their child’s relationship with the world around them.

My review:  What a wonderful and very thorough book on living, learning and adapting to the lifetime diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes.  It takes the reader (whether it be a parent, a child/young adult with Type 1 diabetes, a teacher or any number of diabetes healthcare professionals) through exactly what life is like for a young person, from the day of Type 1 diabetes diagnosis through all the issues involved with daily life and emotions of this dreaded disease.  I particularly appreciated that each topic is discussed from 3 perspectives (the child, the parent and clinical advice) plus an excellent educational narrative.  This will be a valued go-to resource to be read over and over again by parents and others who help, teach and nurture Type 1 diabetic young ones. 




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