kidneyFinerenone, undergoing 2 clinical trials for safety and efficacy, is a new medication developed by Bayer that may help reduce markets of kidney malfunction called “proteinuria” (the presence of abnormal quantities of protein in the urine).   Read more on


IBM MedtronicHypoglycemia Predictive Mobile App is being developed by IBM and Medtronic. This app will send a predictive notification of a low BG coming in 3 hours … and according to early data, these notifications are 80-90% accurate!  The app uses the IBM Watson supercomputer to analyze CGM data, glucose trends, carb data, insulin pump data, and an individual’s glucose history to predict future low blood sugars within three hours of taking a bolus.  Read more from

beta cellStem Cell News from the Labs of Dr. Douglas Melton, reported this week, that researchers at MIT and Harvard have used insulin-producing cells to restore insulin function in mice for up to six months, WITHOUT provoking an immune response.  Read more from


arabiaStem Cell News from Amman, Jordan and a private company called Stem Cells of Arabia, where researchers are working on cutting edge approach by using specific stems cells taken from the patient’s own blood, put through magnetic purification and then implanted in the pancreas, where they produce insulin.  The patient’s disease-fighting T cells are modulated with the goal of stopping an immune attack on insulin-producing beta cells.  Read more from

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