Oh yum, here are some really good and interesting foods and recipes!

25 Beautiful Low Carb Blueberry Recipes, from ASweetLife.org … some great ideas. 

Image result for blueberriesBlueberries are SO very good for you and also very low glycemic index. Here you go … some of the best blueberry recipes!

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Feel Light And Free With This Easy Cloud Bread Recipe, as reported on BuzzFeed by Alix Traeger, 6 May 2017.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 3 eggs, separated
  • ⅛ teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 3 tablespoons softened cream cheese or Greek yogurt

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Fluffy Keto Pancakes, as shown on TheKetoCookbook.com. 

This recipe makes delicious keto pancakes that are as good as the real thing, light, fluffy and delicious! Serve them with either some crispy bacon, or topped with some peanut butter for a scrumptious keto breakfast.

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Jes pancake cgm Jes pancake NS

And a great read from Jessica Ching with her recipe for The Dream Low-Carb Pancakes

Hi All,

I’m having a really (really!) great day and hope you are too.  Wanted to share my reason for the greatness.

Do you like pancakes but hate the spikes?  Take a look at the pancake breakfast I had at 8:45am this morning.

Then look at my Dexcom (or NightScout monitor, for those  of you who are interested) profile now.  Wow!!  I landed at BG110

There is a 2-part trick to this (and you DON’T need a closed loop system like mine to do it):

  1.  Low carb pancakes
  2.  A teeny over-bolus for the meal, but then shut off basal for 2 hrs after







Here’s the theory:

– As we know eating lower carb foods is easier for BG management. But sweets are sooo good! 

– Your body can handle pancakes if made low-carb pancakes with almond (or coconut) flour-egg-cream cheese.  Even if they are topped with a few blackberries mashed into 1 Tbsp regular cherry preserves in syrup. My breakfast pancake carbs were 9g, syrup & fruit were 13g.  Total 22 carbs.

– I took a slightly larger dose than would be needed to cover the breakfast, maybe .3u-.5u than I normally would.  Then basal rate turned off (only) for 2 hrs— this allows enough meal insulin to cover the incoming carbs /“spike” for the breakfast, but turning off basal after that on a temporary basis keeps you from ending up low a few hours later.  If I had left my basal rate at its normal level of .5/hr, I would be low right now…

– A note:  I usually go up to ~140 if starting at a more normal starting BG of 100-130 (I actually started at BG 90).  But that’s still awesome for breakfast!!

– Another note:  you will likely not be hungry an hour after eating these pancakes.  They have egg, cream cheese, and ground up almonds in them— it’s now 4 hours after breakfast and I’m not too hungry

“The Dream” Low-Carb Pancakes

  •      1 egg
  •      1 T cream cheese
  •      2 T almond flour (same as almond meal)
  •      Optional:  dash of nutmeg 


  • Soften the cream cheese by microwaving 10-15 seconds.  Just soften it; don’t need to heat
  • Beat in the egg
  • Add the almond flour.  You can use coconut flour, but you’ll need only about 1/2 as much.  If your pancake batter is too thick add a little water
  • Cook just like regular pancakes

Makes 2 pancakes, 9 carbs (for both!).  Add carbs for your topping.

You can make ahead and keep in the fridge or freezer.  I make double-triple batches.

You can eat these sweet, or as the “bread” for a breakfast sandwich.  I sometimes do it Egg McMuffin style with another egg and a slice of cheese.  Love to hear how it works for you if you try it!  Thanks,  Jes

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