Yes, that’s what the man 2 seats away said to me tonight at the movies during previews! My insulin pump had just started to alarm. So I took it out of my pocket and saw that it was a site change reminder. I was just turning off the reminder when he chastised me!

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I was stunned. This is not the first time I’ve been scolded! Once, before a live theater performance, an elderly usher came by as I was giving myself a bolus. She said, “You know better! Now put that away!” I protested and told her it was a medical device. She said, “I don’t care, put it away!” I was stunned then too!

Another time, I was having lunch with a board member from a diabetes fundraising organization. I pulled out my CGM … and BAM, I got a lecture! He told me that he doesn’t let his grandchildren use their phones at the table and he was surprised that I was using mine! I showed him that it was a CGM and then I pulled out the pump. At least he apologized!

Tonight’s dressing-down really upset me! First of all, it was before the movie started! And second, it just seemed so rude and presumptuous!

I said, somewhat curtly, “I’m sorry but this is an INSULIN PUMP!” He said nothing.

I worked hard to settle myself down. It’s not enough that I have to manage devices and be interrupted … but to be called out by a stranger?!?!?!?!

After the movie, my husband (bless his heart) ran into him in the men’s room. He started with, “I’m sorry that my wife disturbed you tonight. But it was her CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITOR that alerted her to give herself some insulin with her INSULIN PUMP! After all, not ALL things that beep and light up are cell phones!”

Apparently he stumbled all over himself to apologize … even asked if I was ok.

I was so proud that my husband “defended” me and my actions … plus educating someone. Just wish I could have been there to smile sweetly!

PLEASE tell me your experiences with your “tools of the trade” in public!

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