Recently, Asante announced two important collaborations for downloading its new Snap insulin pump, which features 300 unit pre-filled insulin cartridges and a unique automatic priming feature (once the infusion set is connected to the reservoir, the pump primes automatically and nearly instantaneously). The first collaboration links the Snap with Glooko’s diabetes management system (an iPhone app, universal MeterSync cable, and web dashboard). We think the move is very smart for Asante, since Glooko’s universal cable and software can already integrate data from 19 different blood glucose meters (Accu-Chek, Bayer, Freestyle, Glucocard, i-Sens, OneTouch, and ReliOn). Asante also announced a second encouraging partnership that will send pump data from the Snap to Diasend’s universal online data management system. As we understand it, while data transmission to Diasend will at first need a cable connection, the next generation of Asante’s downloadable pump will have wireless download. While the current version of the Snap is not downloadable, Asante plans to release an updated version of the controller as early as the end of 2013. Existing pumpers will get a new version for just $99 – great to see Asante making technology updates affordable for patients. For context, the Snap launched in limited areas in the Northeastern US in April, and the company has since expanded to additional territories in the Northeast. We’ll be writing a test drive on this pump very soon; those interested can visit Asante’s website at

We’re big fans of Asante’s approach to using already established software programs, meaning patients and providers won’t need to learn a new system. One of the company’s main goals with the Snap is to make insulin pumping easier, and we think the Diasend and Glooko partnerships fit right in with that aim. We look forward to seeing which software system is favored by Asante Snap users, and certainly give kudos to the company for giving patients options to choose from.

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