Liberty-Medical-LLC_88426_largeLet me start by saying that I am tempering my frustration with Liberty Medical.  It has been a rocky road dealing with them.  And they only get a one star rating on Yelp.  This doesn’t bode well.  But …

Liberty Medical is the ONLY way to buy Dexcom cgm supplies if you have Medicare coverage, at this time.  THE ONLY ONE!  And they are based in Florida, with only local EST time zone hours.  You’d think they might consider at least extending their hours to cover the US business hours … but no, not yet.


Given that we must get along, here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Liberty and Dexcom were caught by surprise by the sudden Medicare decision, and were totally unprepared for the “onslaught” of the demand.  Liberty was apparently considered the only medical supply company that could handle the volume of orders.  As a result, they’ve had to add staff and train them. 
  • According to Tim Jones, senior patient rep, about 80% of the staff are truly able to answer our questions.  Strange, huh?!  Why not give them an answer sheet AND POST THE ANSWER SHEET ON THEIR WEBSITE?!  Not yet.
  • They’ve reduced the on-hold time to under 30 minutes to reach a rep.
  • However, if you did get put on hold for longer than 10 minutes, you can call Dexcom directly, who will then patch you in to the Liberty direct line and get answers right away.
  • The Medicare billing codes were published on March 13, 2017, allowing Liberty to take your order and bill Medicare. You do NOT have to pay upfront and hope that Medicare will reimburse you.  However you must sign an ABN form that allows them to bill Medicare and, if Medicare does not determine that you meet their criteria, you will be liable to reimburse Liberty.
  • You can order:
    • The Kit: $745.14 for a 90-day supply and includes:
      • 1 Dexcom G5 transmitter
      • 3 boxes of Dexcom sensors = total of 12 sensors
      • 1 glucose meter if you need one
      • 4 boxes of test strips for that meter or one you already have
    • The Reciever: $277
  • I hear that they are shipping … Frank, did you get yours yesterday?
  • And Medicare has not yet published their coverage criteria but that should be coming soon.

I hope this helps.  If you get a rep at Liberty who doesn’t seem terribly knowledgeable, ask to be transferred to someone else or go through Dexcom.



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