OK, so you may ask, who is Brandon?

Brandon is Brandon Arbiter, VP Product and Business Development at Tidepool. So then you ask, what is Tidepool? From their website:
We are here to create a world where diabetes data is:
• acquired seamlessly and in real time
• stored and managed in a secure, cloud-based platform
• made available for providers and patients to look at anytime
• presented in an intuitive and actionable way across all devices

Tidepool is:
• Building an open source, secure data platform for diabetes data.
• Building great apps to help reduce the burden of Type 1 Diabetes.
• Proudly non-profit, because we think that’s the best way for us to affect change and achieve our
mission of helping everyone with diabetes.

Brandon was diagnosed at age 27 with Type 1 diabetes and has developed a new generation diabetes app, “nutshell,” that gives patients the information they need to make the right decisions about their dosing strategies. Brandon has become an outspoken member of the patient community, advocating greater access to data and the expanding role of software in health management. As VP of product and business development at Tidepool, Brandon is focused on making diabetes technology smarter and more accessible to patients everywhere.

Plus he is a VERY COOL GUY!

Tomorrow he is running his first organized 1/2 marathon … and you can follow his data LIVE, online at www.PancreasInTheGame.com … and it updates about every 5 minutes. He’ll have his NightScout rig strapped around his waist, giving him full CGM in the Cloud capabilities. He’ll monitor his BG through all 13.1 miles on his Pebble wristwatch.

Brandon Nightscout

Check out www.Tidepool.org and www.nightscout.info for more information and/or to donate to these amazing non-profits, trying to make our lives a little (or a lot) easier!

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