potionThey are out there!  People and publications singing the praises of The Cure and The Best Food and the The Only Exercise You Need!  What about the “supplement” sold through network marketing (used to be called multi-level marketing – you get 2 sellers, they each get 2 sellers, and so on and you make millions off of your “downline”)? Now really!?  If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!



kmOne of my family members was involved with a product years ago that “cured”, among many illnesses and conditions, diabetes.  I went to a meeting (more like a rally) where everyone was touting the miracle of this potassium supplement.  I was totally stunned, after having lived with T1 for, at that time, about 25 years.  I kept asking various “marketers” to simply introduce me to 3 people how had been cured of Type 1 diabetes.  Their response, “There are so many!  Just try it and you will be cured too!”  I replied, “NO, please INTRODUCE me to THREE people!”  They couldn’t. Unbelievable! Read more about KM:  Km (by Matol) “Christian” Cure-All or New Age Medicine?

And the scams and claims continue.  cureOn this website, I just received the following (edited to remove contact info):

Thanks to Lord Alaglo for helping me cure my Diabetes Millitus, I had the disease for more than 2 years and it really ate me up because it was already worsening to Chronic Kidney Failure. I tried to get a cure from different sources but none could cure my diabetes. My husband took me to so many other places and hospitals to get cure but all could not yield any good results, until I saw some few comments about the Unique Lord Alaglo on how he helped so many others cure their diseases with a quick instant spell. I contacted him for help on the case of my Diabetes also, and he helped me with an instant cure spell which he did from his temple. And just within some hours after the quick instant cure spell I felt some strong powers inside me and immediately he called and told me to try and go for a checkup or anything that will help me confirm the results of his quick instant cure spell. I called my husband who drove me to the hospital and was checked there as free from Diabetes Millitus. Thanks to Lord Alaglo that now am finally cured from Diabetes Millitus with his quick cure spell.

banish-fat Some of these claims amuse me.  I just get concerned when someone, in earnest, asks me what I think.  What I think is … IF there is a CURE for diabetes (Type 1 OR Type 2), it will be published at the TOP of the FRONT PAGE of The New York Times!

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