That’s right!  I’m on my way to Hollywood!  OK, well, kinda!  But I’m excited!  I’ve been invited to be a T1 Co-Host on The Bonnie Sher Show in Channel 2 of the Universal Broadcast Network (UBN).

  • WHEN:  Thursday, September 15, 2016, 2pm -3pm PST.
  • WHERE:
  • CALL-IN: 1-323-843-2826 (only during the live broadcast)

bonnietransparent-official-copy1Bonnie is a long-term T1 as well as a singer/actress from a show business family.  She’s funny and bright and kind and passionate. The first half of her show is usually dedicated to someone in the show business world. The second half is focused on Bonnie and her T1 co-host.

If you can’t rearrange your life to be glued to your computer, tablet or smartphone, Bonnie posts shows on her website:

Poke around the site … it’s fun reading. Feel free to offer comments and thoughts.


bonnie-and-rogerIf you want to see one of our fascinating GNO’ers, Roger Sparks with Bonnie


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