NEWS FLASH!!! I was published today on!  I’m so excited!

On Monday, April 22, 2019, the DIY community released the long-anticipated RileyLink version which uses the tubeless Omnipod pods!  I jumped on it right away!!! I couldn’t be happier to be tubeless and on a current (as opposed to a 12 year old) pump!  AND IT WORKS!!! Kudos to Pete Schwamb, Ben West, Joe Moran, Jeremy Lucas, Katie Disimone, Robert Silvers, Wes Nordgren and James Wedding who promised me 4 years ago that this would become a reality!, my favorite go-to website of all things diabetes, approached me to write about my first week on this amazing new technology (Thanks Mike Hoskins and Amy Tenderich) … and here it is! 

Read all about it:  First Impressions of the DIY Omnipod Loop System

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