Happy New Year, oh Savvy Ones! Let’s start the year off with some great book recommendations.

Tested: How Top Achievers with Diabetes Have Succeeded by Tim Hoy … an insightful book showing us how some very successful T1s have approached their own diabetes journey to fit and match their successes in life. Living every day, 24/7 with Type 1 diabetes is beyond challenging. It is ALWAYS helpful to get fresh views and coping strategies. And at the end of each chapter, Tim recaps the important points … so VERY valuable in anchoring those ideas and tactics. A great read if you are living with Type 1 diabetes, an extraordinary gift for your T1D friends. THANK YOU Tim!!!

Order this book: Tested by Tim Hoy

Battling Blood Sugars, One Sniff at a Time by Amanda Bar, with illustrations by Theron Langhorne … this is an adorable book about D.A.D.’s (Diabetes Alert Dogs). It’s short, it’s charming and you’ll fall in love with Shug ShuggaBar (but you can call him Shugga, Shuggie or even Shugga Burrita, his secret nickname!)!

Order this book: Battling BloodSugars, One Sniff at a Time


Greed on Trial by Theresa Barta is quite the page turner … although it is not specifically directed at the Type 1 diabetes market, it’s a great read for any of us (all of us) who use any medical services provided by any healthcare provider, and/or managed by any healthcare system or insurance provider. So … that’s all of us!

Theresa Barta is a litigating attorney who represents physicians who have been wronged by insurance companies, medical groups and HMOs, in their efforts to provide good, patient-centric medical care. Disclaimer: Theresa is a neighbor of mine … I mostly know her dogs!

Reading this can certainly rile you up about payers and medical groups … but mostly, please use this to be better consumers. I couldn’t put this book down! I know the medical/healthcare system is broken … and the third party managers are dangerous to our health. But to actually read real stories and the cover-ups and ruthless behavior of these insurance and health systems is beyond appalling. Everyone should read this … and hold your doctors and the medical management companies up for scrutiny. If you feel you are not getting the appropriate care, before you get angry at your physician, talk with him/her to find out what is causing the failure. It’s a fast read … and very worthwhile!!!

Order this book: Greed on Trial


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