Here’s a secret: Things break. Wifi stops working. Tubing and pods mess up. I hate seeing folks in a crisis because of any of those things. After all, it wasn’t that long ago I was lumbering across the prairie in a covered wagon with my daughter with diabetes, praying the crops would come in so we can get a bolt of calico. Oh, wait. That was just my imagination. What I mean is: it wasn’t that long ago we had only the old way. And we all got by.

With that, I’m going to make some suggestions all people with diabetes and parents should consider and then discuss with their medical team to see if they are good practices to adopt.

  • Unexplained highs may best be corrected via syringe or pen,
  • Don’t rely completely on cell phones
  • Practice being unafraid while Share is down
  • Keep long acting insulin in your home
  • Write things down
  • Be prepared for sick days

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