posted a fun quiz to help determine your personality type when faced with Type 1 diabetes ignorance.  You will TOTALLY relate to this little survey!  Enjoy!




Here’s the first question.  Follow the link to 4 more questions and how to score yourself!

1. At Thanksgiving, your aunt slaps your hand when you reach for the stuffing and says, “You can’t eat that.” You:

a) …explain how you measure your insulin-to-carb ratio to prepare for a special meal.
b) …fix her with a dark look, take the stuffing anyway when she’s not looking, and then listen for gossip to share about her for future family gatherings.
c) …upend the table, shouting, “NOW NO ONE GETS ANY STUFFING!”

Take the QUIZ:  Quiz: How Patient Are You About Type 1 Diabetes Ignorance?

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