Here are two of my favorite blogs, not written for the T1d market but such helpful information.

Shape Up with Dr. Steve by Dr. Steve Hutchins (D.C) … I’ve know Dr. Steve for over 25 years, as a personal trainer, all the way through chiropractic school and into his successful practice as a chiropractor, trainer and guru of living a healthful life.

Frying Without Guilt, 9 July 2019 … all about using an air fryer to create delicious low carb and low calorie/fat foods, in moments.

Cauliflower, broccoli, red and yellow peppers, string beans and Tofu are a few of the many things I cook in the air fryer. Here is one of my favorite quick and easy go to’s when I get home late from work. The ingredients are include broccoli florets,olive oil, garlic powder, tumeric and sea salt … or for “frying” them, use almond flour.

Almond Flour, Not All Flours Are Created Equal 14 July 2019 … Almond flour is made by soaking the almond nuts and then grinding them up into a fine powder. This flour can be used just like wheat flour to bake with or to fry. Going head to head with wheat flour, almond flour not only provides more nutrition but has a much better balance of protein, fat and carbs.

There are two main differences you can see between wheat and almond flour. First, almond flour is much lower in carbohydrates than wheat flour. In one serving of almond flour, carbohydrates account for 16% of the total calories whereas in wheat flour they account for 83%. The lower carb count keeps blood sugars from rising and helps with weight management since less carbs means less conversion to fat.

Second, almond flour has a much higher amount of monounsaturated fat than wheat flour. At first glance, someone might think this is a negative, but it helps in slowing the carbs to the bloodstream, lowering the glycemic index of the food.

Jill Anenberg Lawrence, holistic health coach is a bundle of energy and knowledge and passion as a life coach, nutritionist and therapist, delivered with fun and wild humor and comedy.  She’s just fun!  Oh, an she is also an extraordinary pet lover, often working with shelters to find forever homes for found dogs and cats (and any other animal she cares about).  She is also, lucky for me, the daugher of my neighbors, whose little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel I get to babysit … who brings absolute bliss and love. (See Friday Feature below!) 

And finally, let’s meet your pets!  No, they DO NOT have to have diabetes!  They don’t even have to be yours!  Please tell me about a favorite pet or pet story!  Send me an email ( with a short story or anything you want to share along with some JPGs you would like to share … and you will not only see your furry (or otherwise) love right here at TheSavvyDiabetic! 

Today, MEET SADIE!  She’s a precious, 5-ish year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who makes us all fall in love with her.  Her passion is chasing squirrels (but never catching them), water, TREATS, tummy rubs, her food plus anyone else’s food, long walks along the beach or anywhere … and oh, did I mention TREATS!?!?!?

I have the amazing fortune to babysit this little bundle of love frequently.  She runs into the house and greets everyone (meaning my husband and my 2 pups who you will meet another time), looks for any treats and then runs a complete course around our backyard, including staring intently into the pool.  She sleeps on the bed, in a large pile of fluffy and furry blankets.  TOTAL LOVE!!!


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