INTRODUCING … the Pump M&M Tracker!

Below you will see various parts of Insulin Pump / CGM / Glucose Meter / Fitness Tracker, as well as clips to connect your integrated device on your clothing, all in a variety of colors.  Integration with other devices is in design, awaiting FDA approval.

  • A variety of insulin pumps (your choice, works with any pump)
  • A variety of glucose meters (again, your choice)
  • A fitness tracker (shown here with a FitBit One)
  • Clips/Carabineers in a variety of colors
  • Rubber bands (available in your choice of colors, possibilities are ENDLESS)











 And below shows the INTEGRATED PUMP/CGM/BG Meter/FitBit One!

Integration as integrated

Integration CGMIntegration from FitBitIntegration meter

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