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If you use the Dexcom G4 and have been searching for the perfect case for your receiver, I have great news for you!  Yesterday on Facebook I read that Tallygear has come out with a silicone skin that is similar to the cases that many of us use on our cellphones.

In the year and a half that I have been using the G4, I have invested more money than I care to admit trying to find the perfect case for my G4 receiver.  The black leather case provided by Dexcom is huge and extremely masculine.  Great if you want to wear the receiver on your belt, but incredibly clunky if you like to keep it in your pocket.  I tried a few cases designed for Blackberry phones and they almost worked.  But not quite.  A few other cases from Amazon were quickly returned or tossed in the trash.

I ended up using two cases that were okay, but not exactly what I wanted. The first was a case that I found out about in the Dexcom Users group at TuDiabetes.  It was designed by the friend of a Dexcom user and was manufactured with 3D printing at Shapeways.  It has been my main case, but the color has faded terribly.  Although my receiver has survived more than one fall while in this case, I’m not convinced that the case provides much protection especially as it has gotten older and more flimsy.  You can check out this case here.

The other case that I have used was purchased at Tallygear.  It is a lycra fabric case with a clear plastic front that completely encases the G4 receiver. It has a loop to which you can attach the carabiner clip and lanyard that are included with the purchase.  I use that case for hiking and will continue to do so. I loop the lanyard through my belt and feel confident G4 Case Discardedthat I won’t lose the receiver off the side of a mountain. Although it is not completely waterproof, it does protect the receiver from a quick dousing in the toilet.  (My friend Jenn of Sweet Zoo has firsthand knowledge of that fact.)  I personally don’t like how the plastic front sticks to the screen and it has never been my everyday case.  But it’s great for hiking, great to wear around your neck, and a good case that provides cushioning and protection for the receiver.

I am thrilled to see Tallygear is producing a silicone case.  This is what I have wanted all along and I will be ordering one right away.  According to Facebook and the website, red is the only color that is immediately available. Orange, purple, blue, and black are available for pre-order and should be available in a few weeks.  This case does not provide protection to the front of the receiver and I will use a phone screen protector cut-to-size just as I am using now.  The price of the case is $17.95 with a shipping charge of $5.95.  You can save 10% by using the coupon code DexG4.

To check out the new case and to order one, follow this link.  I will be placing an order for purple.  My Dexcom is pink and red just won’t work.  Black might look the best, but with granddaughters who love pink and purple, I’m going with the Double-P/Pink-Purple look.

Thanks Tallygear

Tallygear was founded in 2008 by the parents of a daughter with Type 1 diabetes and sells pump/cgm accessories in colorful, fun fabrics.  They are incredibly responsive to the needs of adults and children with diabetes and I encourage you to support them.  If you’d like to learn more about Tallygear, check out this 2013 post on Diabetes Mine.

I anxiously look forward to my new purple Tallygear silicone skin and will try to remember to post a photo when it arrives.  My number one wish is for the Animas Vibe to finally be released so that I no longer need to carry my Dexcom receiver.  But until then, I say thank-you to Tallygear!

If you explore the Tallygear website, you’ll also find the original G4 case in a rainbow of colors and patterns, a neoprene case which comes in solid colors and gives even more cushioning and protection, a Tallyband wrist or ankle holder, and of course the new silicone skin.  If a new Dex case isn’t enough excitement for you, check out the Tallygear decals for your G4.  Sometimes small things can add a big smile to your day.

Post-publication Note: After publishing this post, I found out that Pump Peelz makes clear screen protectors for the Dexcom G4 in addition to its other decorative “peelz”. I’ve ordered a set for $5 and they should be much easier to use than cut-up phone protectors because they are custom-designed. 


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