3D Doctor with a briefcase and a stethoscopeJoanne Milo gives excellent well-organized advice which is both practical and emotionally grounded.  Her suggestions on managing your own medical care, tracking records and information, communicating with friends and family and your health care team excellent.

The Savvy Diabetic’s format and large type style also make her book very easy to read and navigate.  I especially found her appendices and resources very useful.

I am a psychiatrist; diabetes often makes treating mood disorders more difficult for.  When diabetes is under good control then other problems tend to get better or go away as well including mood and other psychiatric or psychological issues.

I will be suggesting many of my patients obtain and follow Joanne Milo’s sage advice and general approach to good management of a very important and increasingly common medical problem.  Yet her book is filled so much that all of us would do well to incorporate into our own health management strategies.

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