From DiabetesMine:

As you may know, a core of the DiabetesMine Innovation Project is conducting annual surveys where we ask patients to speak up on what’s working, what’s not and why.

And then – the important part! – we package those patient sentiments and feed them directly back to the Powers-That-Be: all the top pharma and device companies working in diabetes, FDA regulators, mHealth designers, leading clinicians and other influential experts.

PLEASE HELP DiabetesMine & Beyond Type 1 gather patient input this year by spreading the word and encouraging PWDs to take this survey.

You can read more about this effort on the Beyond Type 1 website here.

A few sample tweets that might help:

Speak up in the 2017 @DiabetesMine Patient Voices Survey:

Let #Diabetes Patient Voices lead the industry! Add your input here: #DOC

Care about new tools that help improve life w/ #diabetes ? Add your patient input here: #DOC

PWDs: Help rate #diabetes tools & services! Take a few min to fill out the @DiabetesMine 2017 survey here  #DOC

Thank you!!

Amy Tenderich 
Founder & Editor-in-Chief, DiabetesMin​e​



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